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Home again

Hello dear subscribers. I will no longer be posting here as we have arrived back in the land of OZtralia. It’s been a fun ride but nothing beats your own bed at the end of a long trip.

The US and Canada are such a diverse lands, peopled by mostly friendly citizens. I may be biased because I have wonderful family in both countries, however we met so many strangers who were courteous and interesting and kind and friendly. We have memories and photos galore.  Below are a few photos that didn’t get used in this blog.

Thanks for following us on our epic road trip; you can follow my ramblings on other forums via my tweets which link to tumblr and my everyday wordpress blog:


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Six days on the road

…But we ain’t gonna make it home tonight. Just in week one and already I have succumbed to antibiotics for the dreaded throat lurgy and anti-histamines for the spring hay fever allergies. It ain’t pretty. However, some of the places we have seen are very pretty.

While in central Florida with Aunt Chris and Uncle Robert we visited Mt Dora, an old community near Leesburg where there are lovely old homes and early 20th century buildings.




So I could recuperate a little, we stayed an extra day with my aunt and uncle who have a lovely pool and a cute as heck dog, Papito.



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