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Oh Canada!

It’s best to expect a long wait when you get to the border of Canada at Cornwall. We sat on the bridge and crept along at a snail’s pace for 1.5 hours. The actual customs and immigration part took no time at all. We pulled up to a toll booth-like window, presented our passports, answered a few questions about our visit to Canada and were sent on our way.

After the last few days of mountains and rolling hills, the trip to Ottawa is refreshingly flat and the roads straight and wide. And we are back in the sensible world of metric! Well, sort of…at the grocery store today the tags on the shelves showed price per pound but the comparison price was in metric. Wow, that’s confusing.

Another way cool thing about Canada is that everything is in French and English. I know it’s controversial here, but I’m a Francophone from way back an think it is fun to see another language other than English on everything. Maybe it’s just me but I think it makes a place seem exotic!

After our arrival we freshened up, had a cool drink then stepped out from Pete and Donna’s city digs for a walk along the Rideau Canal. What a great new place they have and how convenient to be walking distance to the downtown sights and market area. Here are some pictures of last evening and today’s adventures.







Pete and Donna’s fabulous townhouse has been an oasis for us weary travellers. Home cooked food, drinks, conversation, interesting surrounds, a comfy bed and clothes washing facilities! Plus son Ryan’s special brand of humor. What more could we want?

Tomorrow we are off to the gallery for a Van Gogh exhibition…

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