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New York state of mind…

Last Sunday morning sister Beth, her hubby Steve, Roo and I piled into our rental car and headed up the Jersey Turnpike towards Long Island, NY. Other than an accident that caused us to detour a bit, the trip was no more stressful than the usual nail-biting, hair-raising drive in one of the world’s great megalopolises!

Now is an appropriate time to thank Andrew for his calm and measured driving, and Beth and Steve for the navigating. I declared a day off navigating (really, it is stressful) and sat in the back seat to enjoy the view!

The purpose of our journey was to go to brunch with our nephew Sullivan Jessup to celebrate his High School graduation and acceptance to University. We had our fill of yummy foods at the brunch then continued to munch our way through quite a few meals over the next few days.


We had Paulie’s yummy ribs, great Reuben sandwiches, beefy hot dogs and more. Good thing we got in a bit of walking in NYC to work some of it off.

We took in Hell’s Kitchen, Broadway and Times Square (now with more space for pedestrians and steps for people watching), the Financial District, Tribeca and the very moving 9\11 Memorial with its infinite pools and forest of Oak trees. Out on Long Island, where we stayed with Peggy, Paul and Sully, we went to Fire Island and explored the light house and surrounding surf beaches on a quiet late spring day.




For a change, we left Long Island via its eastern end, taking the car ferry from Orient Point to New London Connecticut. It was a scenic and pleasant trip and saved us doubling back through city traffic.


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The Mid-Atlantic States Beckon

Crossing the border from Maryland into Pennsylvania on Route 1 made me feel like a kid again, like when we’d come back from a family visit in Baltimore with mom and dad or Nana. You escape the traffic jams and the intensity of Interstate 95 and drive on to rural back roads, crossing the Mason Dixon Line into beautiful southern Chester County, PA. It’s got to be 14 years since I last made that journey.


Two close friends still living in the area are sisters Margy and Jane. We were fortunate to be able to hang out with both gals and their husbands and children, spending a night or so with each. We explored Kennett Square, Mushroom Capitol of the world and ate diner food (mushroom omelets of course), visited aunt Grace, who seemed miraculously younger, and attended an end of school year band recital to cheer Margy’s clarinet playing daughter.







No trip to the area is complete without a visit to Longwood Gardens.



I marveled at how much the area where I grew up has changed, and also at how absolutely beautiful it remains, especially when green and sunny!

After catching up with Jane and family, we made our way to sister Beth’s place in Bucks county to prepare for our journey to Long Island and beyond. That’s my next entry so, stay tuned…

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