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Home again

Hello dear subscribers. I will no longer be posting here as we have arrived back in the land of OZtralia. It’s been a fun ride but nothing beats your own bed at the end of a long trip.

The US and Canada are such a diverse lands, peopled by mostly friendly citizens. I may be biased because I have wonderful family in both countries, however we met so many strangers who were courteous and interesting and kind and friendly. We have memories and photos galore.  Below are a few photos that didn’t get used in this blog.

Thanks for following us on our epic road trip; you can follow my ramblings on other forums via my tweets which link to tumblr and my everyday wordpress blog:


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More Family time in Canada and the USA

We left Ottawa on Thursday and headed west, stopping at one of Tim Horton’s ubiquitous donut outlets for a mid-morning coffer. We resisted the Tim’s ‘bits’, otherwise known as donut holes. Beyond Toronto’s snarl of traffic we finally reached London, Ontario.

My father’s first cousin Joan migrated from Liverpool England as a newlywed in the 50s. It had been over ten years since we had seen she and husband John. It was a lovely, if brief, 24 hour visit and we experienced a yummy roast dinner, a selection of beverages plus copious amounts of tea!

Cousin Lisa and her daughters Brittany and Jessica came by in the evening after the girls’ dancing lessons. We stayed up late chatting about our English family, past and present, then in the morning went for a leisurely stroll around their part of London. After lunch we set out for Linden Michigan via the Sarnia/Port Huron crossing to the USA.

The border crossing was blessedly simple and we made good time to Linden where we stayed the night with my cousin Angela (our mothers were first cousins) and her husband Joe. They were perfect hosts who showed us around some of their favorite haunts and provided us with a lovely dinner in their new home.

This too was a 24 visit and we really appreciated the great food, drink, hospitality and family chat (Angela and I hadn’t seen each other in 50 years we appreciate our husbands being so accommodating as we covered a lot of ground on all things Italian).

We have made our way now to Mackinaw City. The plan is to go to Mackinaw Island tomorrow – weather provided. Our hotel is near the bridge to the upper peninsula and it is really impressive. We’ll head over the bridge to the UP late tomorrow as we continue westward…




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Oh Canada!

It’s best to expect a long wait when you get to the border of Canada at Cornwall. We sat on the bridge and crept along at a snail’s pace for 1.5 hours. The actual customs and immigration part took no time at all. We pulled up to a toll booth-like window, presented our passports, answered a few questions about our visit to Canada and were sent on our way.

After the last few days of mountains and rolling hills, the trip to Ottawa is refreshingly flat and the roads straight and wide. And we are back in the sensible world of metric! Well, sort of…at the grocery store today the tags on the shelves showed price per pound but the comparison price was in metric. Wow, that’s confusing.

Another way cool thing about Canada is that everything is in French and English. I know it’s controversial here, but I’m a Francophone from way back an think it is fun to see another language other than English on everything. Maybe it’s just me but I think it makes a place seem exotic!

After our arrival we freshened up, had a cool drink then stepped out from Pete and Donna’s city digs for a walk along the Rideau Canal. What a great new place they have and how convenient to be walking distance to the downtown sights and market area. Here are some pictures of last evening and today’s adventures.







Pete and Donna’s fabulous townhouse has been an oasis for us weary travellers. Home cooked food, drinks, conversation, interesting surrounds, a comfy bed and clothes washing facilities! Plus son Ryan’s special brand of humor. What more could we want?

Tomorrow we are off to the gallery for a Van Gogh exhibition…

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